Why should I use fuzzzy?

fuzzzy will not bother you by flooding you with all sorts of popular stuff. fuzzzy will present you with relevant and high quality free knowledge resources for you to consume, when you like, where you like and how you like.

What's this thing anyway? What's the goal?

The goal of the fuzzzy project is to make knowledge sharing more effective and valuable through the creation of a free and democratic community platform.

And why do you have this goal?

As a nice Sanskrit saying goes: Knowledge makes you humble; humility gives you character; good character attracts wealth; wealth can be used for doing good deeds. This in turn leads to happiness in the world.

  1. Knowledge empowers people.
  2. Knowledge can be used to increase well-being and decrease suffering.
  3. Knowledge helps people reach their personal and collective goals.
  4. Wisdom through knowledge and insights makes a better world.
Other reasons to use fuzzzy:
  1. fuzzzy.com makes all data freely available for consumption by other systems and thus contributing to the development of the Semantic and Social Semantic Web.
  2. fuzzzy.com contributes to the evolution of web science through research and development.

What ever... What's in it for me?

  1. fuzzzy will increase your knowledge which you can use to get a better job, become an expert on a subject, learn how to do something you always wanted to do or help you reach you personal goals.
  2. fuzzzy will give you a free personalized and customizable stream of relevant information.
  3. It will show you relevant events you can go to to boost your knowledge.
  4. You will learn free, easy and effectively.
  5. You will discover likeminded people.

So what does this goal knowledge stuff has to do with the topic of this community; namely web research and development?

This website is one of, what will hopefully in the future be, several linked socio-semantic communities. In order to have a living community one must focus on a specific topic to form a community of interest.

Right. Okay so what's in it for you guys at fuzzzy.com?

Check out why we are developing this site. fuzzzy will not only increase your knowledge but also contribute to new knowledge in the field of information, computer science and the new discipline of web science through this research and development project.

What particular need or problem does it solve?

There are billions of web pages on the web. You probably only see a small fraction of what is relevant for you and you are probably missing out on a bunch of good resources.

fuzzzy tries to help in this regard by providing a platform for connecting knowledge and harvesting quality knowledge resources.

Instead of you going about on the web reading all sorts of blogs, news feeds, trailing back and forth on hyperlinks between blogs and websites you can go to fuzzzy and get the best stuff relevant for you. Why only read the same blogs or listen to your regular podcasts when you can go to fuzzzy and get what you are really after.

Stop a minute, I can go to Digg.com

Sure, there you will find a lot of good stuff. Good but mainly news organized by popularity. Keep in mind, what is popular is not always what is relevant for your current situation and your goals.

Well if I want to learn I can go to Wikipedia, right?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and gives a wonderful consensus overview of a subject. But in order to go in-depth and really understand the inner workings, the complexity, the motivations and implications in complex web science related issues you have to go beyond the articles that can be found on wikipedia. fuzzzy gives you the tools to start asking questions, starting interacting with real world things and simply finding out more. fuzzzy are not just confined to articles with image and text but provide other resources such as audio, video, books, persons, events etc.

Hah gotcha.. the build out of the Semantic Web and Web 3.0 will solve this will it not?

We at fuzzzy believe it is only part of the solution. Ontologies, RDF triple stores, SPARQL and Semantic Web Services will make the web into a large machine readable database. The future Semantic Web applications will be able to do fantastic things never before seen possible, but keep in mind that the resources of the Semantic Web are formal agreed upon data. The Semantic Web is all about knowledge extraction through reasoning on fact statements.

Our aim is to take this further. We specialize in user context and aggregation of resources for both personal and community growth. Tacit knowledge, insight, wisdom, sustainability, democracy, moral and ethics are concepts unknown to the Semantic Web. Further on we argue that holistic thought with integration of topics such as economics, faiths, education, politics, psychology, arts, esoterics, symbiosophy, biosophy, philosophy, science and health are all aspects important for the sustainability of the human race and the planet we inhabit. What’s the point of connecting all the worlds’ data if we don’t ask our self what to do with it? Our socio-semantic technologies aim to foster Collective Wisdom by synthesizing and federating higher knowledge.